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The Master has found himself a new bride and the Vampire Queen has a new plaything. But they aren’t the only ones to have some serious fun on a blood-red night. The vampires are awaking and you are theirs for the taking. So come, give yourselves to darkness. Elegant, sexual striptease, dark comedy, breath-taking acrobatics and sensual, erotic, throbbing dance sets on this, a night like no other, that will leave you hungry for more. This is VAMPIRIKA!

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Fusion Encore

This is Son Amar’s “FUSION ENCORE” - one of the most exciting shows you will ever experience - a mesmerizing dinner show, bursting at the seams with music, song, laughter, international dance and world-class flamenco. The whole huge production is a fitting tribute to over 50 amazing years of the best entertainment in Europe.

“FUSION ENCORE” is dynamic, vibrant, colorful, funny, sensual and upbeat. Set after spectacular set leaves you breathless. It is, quite literally, a showcase for the international, multicultural world of music, dance, acrobatics and comedy.

At Son Amar you are treated to the magical choreography of no less than 4 world-class choreographers, transporting you to a truly international world of styles and culture, stretching from the east to the west and, of course, including our homeland Spain, here to be entranced and surprised by the very best in flamenco.

Punctuated throughout with visual comedy and breath-taking acrobatics, from the very best of world-famous artists, this stunning show has no equal, no language barrier and no age barrier either!

This is your opportunity to see a world-class dinner show right here in Mallorca, with visitors and islanders heaping praise on what is a truly world-class international show.

Memories are made of this!

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Fusion Encore

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